Handmade Bike & Beer Festival

Our friends Christopher Igleheart and Joseph Ahearne will be showing off their lovely handcrafted bikes at the Handmade Bike & Beer Festival this weekend. The two custom framebuilders have more recently collaborated on their designs and builds under the name Page Street Cycles. Look for their Outback Touring bike sporting Makeshifter's Outback Saddlebag on an Igleheart bag support, as well as an elaborate internally-geared custom rig built to survive Armageddon. Oh and there's beer too, come check it out! 

This morning at some ungodly hour, the two artisans appeared on KGW News beside some maniacal news character whose behavior can only be explained as a cocaine freakout/attempt at sobering up from a night of heavy drinking that has bled into the 5am work hour. You be the judge, check it out here!

KGW Morning News: Handmade Bike and Beer Festival starts Today 1st segment

Incidentally I can't think of a better situation for Makeshifter's first appearance on local television.

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