Holidaze, man.

Bootypack, All-Purpose Pouch and Snackhole are readymade and under 75 bucks!

Bootypack, All-Purpose Pouch and Snackhole are readymade and under 75 bucks!


Most of us have mixed feelings about the holidays--navigating the rampant commercialism and compulsory family time leaves many of us feeling unbalanced. My own family harbors an enthusiasm for the holiday food, booze, decorating and gifting that induces equal parts joy, nostalgia, overindulgence and exhaustion. Not participating in this extravagant celebration is out of the question, so I'm a good sport about it, and try to sneak away for a walk or a bike ride. My offered compromise to gift opulence is to make gifts for my family, or buy handmade gifts from the abundant and talented craftspeople in my community. I think the best gifts involve the personalities of both the giver and the recipient, and useful, handsome and long-lasting gifts are the best kind.

With this spirit in mind, here's some holiday news about Makeshifter Canvas Works that I hope you will find offers a balance of generosity, humility, and a healthy dose of advertising:

  • 5% of all sales from my website will be donated from now until the end of 2016. Contributions will help fund the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's struggle to protect their water sources and sacred land, and Bikes for Humanity PDX, a nonprofit whose mission is to "substantially increase public access to affordable and safe bicycles while empowering self-sufficiency in bicycle maintenance." I'll divide all donations between these two nonprofits, but if you feel strongly about one cause over another, you can say so in your order notes and I'll be sure your money goes to the cause of your choice.
  • Use the code LEFTOVERS to get 15% off at MakeshifterCanvasWorks.com from now through Tuesday (excludes Outback Saddlebag). I'm trying to encourage early orders so that I can pace my workload over the next few weeks and ensure timely delivery.
  • Place your order by November 28th to ensure you'll receive your item by December 24th. Some items are readymade and will ship in a day or two, but keep in mind most Makeshifter products are made-to-order and can take a few weeks.
  • Come check out my booth at Crafty Wonderland if you're in Portland, December 10th & 11th from 11-6 (free entry) at the Oregon Convention Center. There is a ticketed "pre-show" on December 9th from 5-9pm, it costs money but you get first dibs on the goodies. You can often find a limited quantity of a special Makeshifter product or color at craft fairs that are not offered on my website. Also 12/9 is my birthday, incidentally, and there's a chance I'll be drinking beer in my booth--nonstop FUN!
  • New Colorways and Products have been added over the last few weeks on my website, check 'em out! You can find sturdy tote bags, extra-large USA-made 100% cotton bandanasBootypacks, the infamous Snackhole stem bag and All-Purpose Pouches--all under $75 and most are ready to ship!

Thanks to you all for supporting Makeshifter, for believing in small business and responsibly made products, and for being thoughtful consumers. Here's hoping you'll find balance this holiday season--indulge yourself, volunteer, give generously, be with loved ones (especially the elderly ones--they're extra special) and take a break from it all to ride your bike or be outside.



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