Web Store Shutdown 12/12/16 for National Strike & Boycott

Tonight (Sunday) Makeshifter Canvas Works' web store will shut down for about 24 hours, in keeping with a national strike and boycott. The web store will resume business on Tuesday morning, and I'll launch a sale on many ready-to-ship items . I'm not spending money or doing any business on Monday, but packages will be shipped and orders can be placed as usual on Tuesday. Please join us, if you can afford to, in abstaining from spending and maybe taking the day off work.

Below you'll find more information about Monday's goings on, and how you can participate. This was published on Bikeportland.com:

(Photo: J. Maus/BikePortland)

This Monday December 12th, thousands of women across America — and the people who support them — will join in a general strike and boycott. The protest is based in New York City and it’s intended to be a show of solidarity against the, “normalization of sexual assault, racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, unconstitutional behavior, and hate promoted by our incoming administration.”

Strike Out by Bike!

10 am Monday 12/12 at Gladys Bikes. Donate items to Bradley Angle in new or excellent condition. Wish list includes:

  • – Pillows
    – Comforters
    – Sheets (twin or full, fitted or flat)
    – Towels
    – Kitchen Items
    – Current calendars and planners

Drop off items at Gladys Bikes (2905 NE Alberta) or Kenton Cycle Repair (2020 N McClellan St) by 5:00 pm on Sunday 12/11 then deliver them to Bradley Angle house on Monday.

To help support the effort and amplify its message here on the left coast, four women who work in Portland’s bike industry are coordinating a local event and day of action.

Gladys Bikes owner Leah Benson, Sugar Wheel Works owner Jude Gerace, Kenton Cycle Works shop manager Ashley Mitchell and Community Cycling Center assistant camp manager Kelley Goodwin have organized Strike Out by Bike! Beyond the boycott and strike on Monday, their event will go one step further: it will support Bradley Angle House, a Portland-based nonprofit that helps victims of domestic violence.

There are two ways to take part in the event. You can donate items on Bradley Angle’s wish list and drop them off at Gladys Bikes (2905 NE Alberta) or Kenton Cycle Repair (2020 N McClellan St) by closing time this Sunday night (5:00 pm and 6:00 pm respectively). Items in need include new pillows, comforters, towels, kitchen tools, and so on. Then on Monday (12/12) all the donated items will be loaded into panniers, racks, trailers, and cargo bike boxes and delivered to Bradley Angle. The ride meets at 10:00 am at Gladys Bikes (there will be coffee!). After the ride there’s a separate rally and protest at noon (links to Facebook) in Chapman Square in downtown Portland.

The instigator of Strike Out by Bike! was Benson. She told us today that the event is an opportunity to put feelings of anger and fear that have swelled up after the election last month into action. “I think it’s a time to not be quiet,” she said. “It seemed like a great opportunity to mobilize within our local community of women who bike to take our shared love of bikes and use it to support other women.”

Gerace said her involvement isn’t just about expressing opposition to the president-elect; it’s also about giving back to the community that has supported her and her business. “I am grateful for the help and opportunities I’ve had and I will do everything I can to help other women,” she said. “The relationships I’ve had with other women in this industry have been a source of strength and joy.”

And for Mitchell, the event is about women and their allies joining forces to show “how strong our economic force is when we strike out together against hatred.”

“It’s a small thing,” Benson added, “but all these little actions will hopefully add up to help folks feel safer and more supported during trying times.”

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