Stay Wild Expo This Weekend + Dirtbag Bandana Release

Click here  for a link to Stay Wild's website, and all the details.

Click here for a link to Stay Wild's website, and all the details.

This weekend I'm a vendor at the Stay Wild Expo as part of Crafty Wonderland's local vendor hall. We're tucked up in the west hills amongst the zoo and Forest Park, and our space is air-conditioned! They're hosting hikes and workshops, and in addition to handcrafted goods, you'll also find goods by Swift Industries, See See Motorcycles, Snowpeak, Scout Books, Forest & Waves, Hand-Eye Supply, and many more. There's also snacks and a beer garden--come check it out!

At this event I'm super stoked to be releasing a new product--the Dirtbag Bandana. It's an extra-large cotton bandana, made in the USA, hand-printed with my own sharpie doodle design by my homie at Printed mAtter Screen printing here in Portland. This run is printed with super-sexy lipstick red water-based ink on my power color teal. Use this multipurpose gem as a sweatband, pack towel, hotpad, bib, emergency tourniquet or bandeau top if a goat eats your shirt—endless uses! On a tour years ago, Kevin threw away his forever-damp-and-bulky microfiber pack towel after he witnessed the power and versatility of the bandana-towel. 

Dirtbag bandanas are available first and foremost at the Stay Wild Expo. Whatever quantity remains after the weekend will be available for sale on my website. Stay tuned for the live sale!

Hunk not for sale.

Hunk not for sale.

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