Upcoming Events: Bike Craft & Crafty Wonderland

The holidays are upon us! Wouldn't you like to know where to find me and some snazzy Makeshifter gifts this season?

I always make some small batches of gear in special colors, and add some new gifty items this time of year. It's fun to try new colors and styles, use up scraps, and take a break from massive, monotonous batches of the same things. Most of the limited stuff won't be available on my webstore, so stop by one of the following events and say hi and see what's new!

For details, check out  Crafty Wonderland's website .

For details, check out Crafty Wonderland's website.

Crafty Wonderland holds a ticketed pre-sale event Friday, December 8th from 5-8pm. The weekend can be crowded, so Friday evening is a great way to peruse at your leisure, get first dibs on limited stuff, and avoid the throngs of holiday shoppers. Saturday is my birthday, the second year in a row I'll be cramming cake in my face while tending my booth at Crafty Wonderland. Come by Saturday, be nice and I'll share some cake with you. 

Link to  BikeCraft's site --I'm not listed as a vendor because I enrolled after the official deadline. But I promise I'll be there!

Link to BikeCraft's site--I'm not listed as a vendor because I enrolled after the official deadline. But I promise I'll be there!

This will be my first year at Bike Craft. Management of this event has changed hands over the years. It's sort of a sasquatch of Portland events--I've heard about it for years, seen traces of the event online, but never attended,  had a helluva time finding out how to be a vendor. I think it didn't happen at all in 2016, and through word of mouth I found out Microcosm was organizing the event this year. I was late to apply but they squoze me in, and I'm stoked to be a part of this old-school Portland event, which is hosted by Bike Farm this time. Rumor has it there's beer on Friday and grilled cheese on Sunday, and if I can get my life together there will be cookies in my booth, too.

Elly Blue of Microcosm Publishing, who is responsible for organized Bike Craft this year, assembled information on the vendors featured at the event. Check out BikePortland.org to see my mini-interview with Elly, and learn more about the other makers you'll meet at Bike Craft.

Can't wait to see y'all there!

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