See the Short Video About Makeshifter Canvas Works

Last summer I met Amanda, an aspiring filmmaker in Portland. Amanda is interested in gender and cycling, and uses film to explore where women and bikes intersect. She was familiar with Makeshifter and had seen me present at a bike touring info night at Gladys Bikes. When she used the word "fun" to describe my brand, it was immediately clear that she gets what Makeshifter is all about. She wanted to tell the story of Makeshifter through film.

In October, I rounded up some friends and paid them in good will and brunch to be "actors" in Amanda's film. They didn't know one another prior to the shoot, but after 15 minutes of riding their bikes in circles together, they were giggling like old friends, talking bikes and workplace sexism. You know, like you do.

As a sidenote, it's SO UNCOMFORTABLE hearing my recorded voice! I've actually only watched the video twice with sound. But I appreciated that this project become an exercise in defining my company, and it was beautiful watching Amanda and Trevor work their creative magic in a medium I know nothing about.

So much gratitude:

  • to Amanda New ( // @fattyveggie on Instagram) for telling Makeshifter's story in a thoughtful and honest way;
  • to Trevor Bennett ( // @trevorjohnbennett on Instagram) for his work on the audio end of things;
  • to Aqua Dublavee, Julia Kehoe and Maddeline McGraw for their stellar acting and for being their beautiful selves. Please be like this always, dears.
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