OVERFLOW Registration for Stub Stewart WTF Overnight

OVERFLOW Registration for Stub Stewart WTF Overnight


Update 2/14/19: We’re full! However, this just means single bunks are full. If you still want to come, you can bring a camp pad & sleeping bag and crash on the floor of our cabins. Or, if you know a friend who’s already booked a bed, ask if they’ll share (they are double bunks). I added this cheap registration option to squeeze in a few more friends. I still want you to go through this registration process to make sure you’ve read all the details.

Join a friendly group of riders identifying as femme, trans*, non-binary, and women for an overnight trip to Stub Stewart State Park on March 2nd, 2019. We have 2 (update: 3!) cabins booked at the park, which means we don’t need to carry full camping gear (no tent or sleeping pad needed), and we’re guaranteed a hot shower and a warm, dry place to sleep at the end of the day.

This is intended to be a social, no-drop ride both ways. Because the ride is relatively short, low-traffic and we’re “camping lite,” it’s a great trip for first-time bike campers. Still, you are responsible for yourself and your gear. Please ensure that you are comfortable riding at least 23 miles on your loaded bike, you are able to carry your gear and enough food and water for the entire trip (there are resupply points), and your bike is in proper working condition. If you have questions about the ride or gear needed, or help borrowing gear, feel free to reach out! becky@makeshiftercanvasworks.com

Stub Stewart is one of the closest parks to Portland, and being situated along the Banks-Vernonia trail makes it one of the most pleasant to get to by bike. There are two ways to bike there: the more challenging route, leaving from central Portland, means climbing up and over Forest Park and descending through Beaverton and North Plains; the easier way means taking the MAX to the end of the line in Hillsboro, then riding 12 miles of rolling farm roads to Banks, and another 10 miles of gentle incline to the park. I’d like to get a read on which route folks are most interested in riding, so you’ll have a chance to note your preference when you register. Depending on group preference and the weather, we will either take the easy way, or split into two groups and reconvene at the Banks-Vernonia trail. On the way home, we will probably all take the easy route.

  • (short route) 23 miles, 900 feet of climbing, 100% paved.

  • (long route) 43 miles, 2000 feet of climbing / 1300 feet descending, 95% paved.

Basic Packing list:

Sleeping bag, pack pillow, camp stove & cook set, lighter, first aid kit, toiletries, pack towel or bandana, shower shoes, rain gear, comfy layers, warm outerwear, helmet, lock, bike lights, repair kit, head lamp, water bottles, cash (small bills) for MAX ticket and firewood, snacks and packable meals for 2 days.

Good to know:

The cost of registration covers your bunk space in the cabin. The cabins have heat and electricity. Access to water is outdoors, and we will use the campground’s shared restrooms and showers. All cooking must be done outside on the picnic tables or the cabin’s front porch (bring your own camp stove, or coordinate sharing one with a buddy).

We’re staying in two “double room” cabins, which means there’s a cozy front room with a table and chairs, and a room with vinyl-mattress bunks; and one single-room cabin which is a little cozier. You must pack your own bedding; since there’s heat, a light summer sleeping bag will do just fine.

There’s a decent grocery store in Banks just before you get on the B-V Trail, and it’s the last stop to stock up before camp (another 10 miles past Banks). There are lots of great places to pull off and snack along the B-V trail.

Update 2/6/19: Since registration filled up pretty quickly and there were still quite a few “maybes” lingering out there, I booked a third cabin and added 4 more spots. If you are unable to register it means we’re full. However, you could always ride with the group and camp at Stub Stewart if you choose (there’s a variety of camping options at the park).

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