Coffee Outside Kit

Coffee Outside Kit


Since I met Marty, the genius behind Terrain Coffee Project, I’ve wanted to make this collaboration come to life. We serve Terrain inside our Portland shop, and Marty has been a part of selecting equipment, training our employees and educating us about delicious and responsibly-sourced coffee from the start. Behold: the Terrain x Makeshifter Coffee Outside Kit!

Each kit includes:

  • Beeswaxed All-Purpose Pouch for storing & transporting your coffee kit

  • Soto Helix collapsible coffee dripper

  • No. 2 coffee filters

  • 8 ounces Terrain “Contour Blend” whole-bean coffee

Kits are readymade in limited quantities, and to ship in 1 business day. This is a special seasonal offering that won’t be available year-round, so grab one while they last!

About the coffee:

The Contour Blend is comprised of Colombia Piendamo and Colombia Los Pinos.. These coffees create a syrupy, flavorful and aromatic blend that compliments creamy milk, or will stand alone as a shot or Americano. These are fully washed coffees grown at 1000-2000m altitude.

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