It’s back! The Bootypack was one of the first Makeshifter products back in 2016. It was discontinued with the intention of redesigning it and, three years later, it’s finally back!

The nostalgic ones call it a "fanny pack." Among those not old enough to remember the 80s & 90s heydays of this tourist essential, I've heard it called a "hip sack." Apparently in Canada it was called a "waist wallet." My mom always called it a "Booty Pack," and stocked hers with cash, sunblock, snacks, and other Mom-gear for a day at a theme park or a school field trip. Whatever you call it, this updated version of your favorite hands-free bag is the best way to keep your important stuff handy while riding a bicycle, traveling, fishing, or working at a carnival.

Enduring Features:

  • Belt adjusts on both ends to get the fit & buckle position just right*

  • Both ends of the belt are tethered, so no danglers

  • Two-way zipper w/ cover for added water and dirt protection

  • Inner dividing pocket helps organize stuff

  • Two outer pockets for stuffing Snickers wrappers, lip balm or for holding a clip-on rear light

  • Durable cotton canvas is treated with triple-filtered beeswax, adding water repellency and a lovely floral-honey scent

New for Summer 2019:

  • Longer zipper = wider opening, easier access

  • Slightly larger with enlarged outer pockets


  • Outer: 12 oz waxed canvas, triple-filtered beeswax

  • Pocket: 10 oz natural waxed canvas & Merino wool

  • Trim, buckle, belt & zipper pulls: nylon

Bag Dimensions: 5.5" tall x 10" wide x 3" deep

Most color options are made-to-order and ship in 1-2 weeks. 

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*The waist belt adjusts to a minimum of 30 inches, maximum 48 inches. While this will accommodate many waist sizes, I understand this sizing doesn't work for everyone. I want this product to be comfortable and inclusive for all body types. Most Booty Packs are made to order, so if you need your waist belt to be a different measurement, just say so in your order form. I'm happy to accommodate your request at no additional charge.