Dirtbag Bandana

Dirtbag Bandana


New color! “Swimming Hole” is back this season—Ectoplasm green on a cool, Caribbean blue.

This oversized cotton bandana is my longtime camp/travel/tour essential. Use this multipurpose gem as a sweatband, picnic blanket, pack towel, hotpad, dog fashion accessory, bib, napkin, emergency tourniquet or bandeau top if a goat eats your shirt. On a tour years ago, my partner threw away his forever-damp-and-bulky microfiber pack towel after he witnessed the power and versatility of the bandana-towel.

The Dirtbag Bandana is part of a series of products printed with my own limited edition Sharpie doodles. The pattern features “all our favorite scummy stuff” ala Hidden Pictures. Pass the time on your next train ride by counting all the snack foods on this lil guy. My homie Chris of Printed mAtter Screen Printing in Portland did all the silkscreening by hand with water-based inks.


  • 100% cotton

  • Made in USA, printed in Portland

  • Water-based inks are soft and environmentally friendly

  • Oversized, 22 x 22 inches

Limited quantities.

Bandanas are readymade and ship in 1-2 business days.

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