Leather Straps for Saddlebag

Leather Straps for Saddlebag


These simple, multi-purpose brass-buckled leather straps are included with the Outback Saddlebag, and available on their own for replacements or whatever goofy ideas you may have for their use. If you're running your saddlebag through tabs beneath your saddle, especially without a rack, the straps are going to take a beating and will need to be replaced every couple of years. You can also use these to replace the straps for your Snackhole or Hangdown; if you're not removing these bags from your bike all the time, leather straps offer a more permanent solution.

The price listed is for a pair of straps.


  • 8oz waxed veg-tanned leather

  • brass hardware

  • 9 inches long x 1/2 inch wide

  • fits through tabs on Classic Brooks & Brooks Cambium saddles

  • 4 adjustable positions

The color and finish of the leather may vary from the photos, but is always some sort of tan or brown. I use Horween Leather, a family company that has been using the same traditional tanning practices for over 100 years. Their leather has been produced in Chicago for 5 generations. It feels like butter.

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