the Hangdown

the Hangdown

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Discontinued Item Clearance! Look for an updated version of this bag coming Summer 2018.

The Hangdown impresses with its simplicity and versatility. This single-compartment pouch is a perfect by itself for day rides, or for adding a little extra volume to your bike camping setup. Attach to handlebars, another bag, a rack, your belt, inside your frame, on a basket--follow your heart! Get weird with it. Holds a layer, lights, snack, tools. Detach the straps and use it as a toiletry kit. Get a pair and use them as mini-pannier bags, then please please please get two small puppies and carry the puppies in them and send me a picture of it.


  • Two straps with locking cam buckles hold securely, adjust & remove easily
  • Straps connect to a daisy chain for adjustable width
  • Optional/removable toggle bungie doodad connects to head tube/rack/whatever for extra stability 
  • Deep zipper cover sheds rain
  • Double-pull zipper 
  • Taped interior seams
  • Add an Adjustable Shoulder Strap for easy carrying off the bike


  • Outer: 16oz waxed canvas
  • Zipper flap: 12oz beeswaxed canvas with a pop of felted merino  wool 
  • Trim, zipper, straps & paracord: nylon 

All colors of The Hangdown are currently readymade, and ship in 1-2 business days.

Need to replace the straps? Try Leather Straps for a handsome, long-lasting attachment solution.

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I appreciate you, and trust that you will attach the Hangdown to your bike in a safe and responsible way. Please be mindful of dangly straps & bungees, and ensure they are tucked well out of reach of your spokes.