I'm the Luckiest Woman Alive

I really am. You know that part at the end of How the Grinch Stole Christmas where the Grinch's heart grows three times larger? I feel like that happened to me. Especially in the last few months, I've received support from so many people who work for trade or ask for nothing at all in return, and do so with grace and kindness. It is overwhelming. I am basking in gratitude, and trying so hard to not let this feeling morph into guilt or obligation or indebtedness (as so often happens in the hearts of native Midwesterners...I can't explain this inclination, but some of you will know what I mean).  I hope I've thanked you all individually, but it doesn't feel like enough. Here's a short list of those heartful champs who've given.

My mom contributed countless hours of free labor--cutting, measuring, and organizing materials. She carries her Makeshifter tote to her ladies' group functions and hands out my business cards.

My dad purchased and put together the crate part of my display. Both of my parents lugged my heavy and complicated display materials into the venue in 100 degree weather and helped assemble it.

Matt gave up his much coveted spring weekends to design and build lightweight tear-down walls for my craft fair display, with much cheer and enthusiasm.

Photo by Kevin Purcell.

Photo by Kevin Purcell.

Paloma came over at a moment's notice, two days before the show, after a long day of work in the middle of a tough week to QC, clean, tag, sort and pack all of my products. Her patience and eye for detail is unparalleled. 

Kyle donated his time and expertise, and convinced others to do so, in photographing my work in the studio and on-location. This included 2 long days of actual shooting, not to mention the days of advance planning and post-shoot processing. His infectious smile put everyone at ease in front of the camera, and celebrated my work in a way I didn't think I deserved. 

Marcus donated a long day's work of shooting in the studio, provided much creative insight, and styled the fuck out of my bags.

Angela, Nick, Justin, Allison, Ashley, Kim, Emily, Dick, Mike, and Kevin gave their time, lovely smiles, and radiant energy to come out to Sauvie Island to model for the photo shoot. Mike drove, packed everything in the van like a goddamn champ, and modeled the Outback Saddlebag like a pro. The legendary Dick Armstrong brought the coolest old man/little kid bike I have ever seen, and got us all high. Kim drove in from the coast, and stayed late even though she gets up hours before daylight. Emily got a flat again but kept partying anyway.

Photo by Kyle Heddy of   Treading Light Photography.

Photo by Kyle Heddy of Treading Light Photography.

Angela is always and forever my Booty Pack rep. Someday I hope this will be a full-time paid position.

Photo by Kyle Heddy of   Treading Light Photography.

Photo by Kyle Heddy of Treading Light Photography.

Stricky burned the screen for the Dirtbag print in his print shop (Printed mAtter Screen Printing). When I insisted on printing in my basement, he said "Call me if you need help." I did, late in the evening, melting down over all the canvas I'd screwed up. He came to my rescue, gave me a lesson and printed the rest of the panels in a matter of minutes.

Cissie took care of the furry ones, gave them love and snacks when I was gone or too busy.

My sister gave many shout-outs in the internet world--a world in which I am lost and incapable.

Charles of Eberhardt Press printed my business cards, quite beautifully and quickly.

Chris Igleheart welded the base for my Snackhole display, out of his own generosity and enthusiasm for such things.

Abigail has helped with design stuff including my logo, business card, and sew-in tags. She responds to my madness quite patiently and produces results super quickly.

Brad busted out a beautiful stock of handmade leather straps to accompany the saddlebag, amidst re-roofing his garage.

All my co-workers at Breakside Brewery, especially Eliot, put up with my work-haggard self, tirelessly covered or switched shifts with me so that I could sew just a little bit longer.

My sweetheart Kevin provides the support and inspiration for most things Makeshifter. He provides insight into design and function, tests the hell out of every prototype forever, and is responsible for pretty much anything I know or do that is bike-related. He has scraped me off the floor during my meltdown mode too many times to count. Beyond this he has quite thanklessly taken on roles of dog walker, masseur, therapist, takeout food picker-upper, housekeeper, and muse. It is not possible here to infuse thanks enough to this wonderful man.

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