Backcountry Cooking Clinic

Ready to jazz up your sad backcountry meals? Hiking and biking makes you HUNGRY and you deserve to eat a proper nutritious meal after a long day. I’m co-leading this event in a few weeks with Gabe Tiller of Oregon Timber Trail Alliance and backcountry food sorceress Ashley Lance. It’s free but please register so we can have enough goodies for everyone. Click the button to find out more and register:

This is my first time working with OTTA, and I spent some time considering what I can contribute to their already awesome organization. I love inviting folks who are new to biking & outdoor stuff and empowering them to be outside on their own terms. My goal is to reach out to folks who maybe wouldn’t ordinarily find themselves at an OTTA event. We’ll touch on everything from Leave No Trace practices to food prep, cooking gear, budgeting & nutrition. Hoping to see you all there--beginners, “outdoor curious” and veterans alike!

Becky NewmanComment